Formality of Operations

A key aspect of successful security programs is a strict adherence to formality of operations. Formal procedures are developed for staff selection, training, contingency, response, quality assurance, and continuous improvement.

Employee Training & Retention

The quality of our service weighs heavily upon the effectiveness of our training. Personnel cannot be expected to perform well, until they have been taught what constitutes excellent performance. The purpose of our training programs is to promote current, useful, and progressive training curriculums that provide our staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to competently perform all aspects of their assigned duties.

Our performance incentive approach and family atmosphere, empowers Peace of Mind Security and Patrol Services to actualize high levels of retention within our workforce. As our officers are the “back-bone” of our company, we treat them with respect and ask for their candid opinions on how we can do a better job for our employees and our clients. We reward them for productive ideas.

Audit Processes

POM Group management teams will conduct both formative and summative evaluations, and then facilitate quality improvement coaching and mentoring sessions that meet or exceed the standards of nationally recognized quality improvement programs.

Employee and Client Surveys

In addition to the implementation of our formal audit processes, we regularly poll both members of our on-site security teams and client representatives concerning the effectiveness of our programs. Feedback will provide evaluative data concerning the perceived and measurable value of our services, along with recommendations and procedures for continuous program improvement.

Continuous Improvement Program

The POM Group has incorporated quality control practices and continuous quality improvement strategies into a Continuous Improvement Program, that is applied to all of our services. The effective application of the CIP program allows the POM Group to achieve, maintain, and continuously improve the level of service and quality to all of our customers.

Continuous Contract Oversight

From our CEO to site-based shift supervisors, the POM group management team knows and interacts frequently with each of our clients. Our focus is to provide an effective, quality service that meets and exceeds all client expectations, and to always be open and available for questions, comments or concerns.



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