Security Guarding Services

The Peace of Mind Group provides cost-effective, professional and reliable security and patrol services without compromise. As practitioners, we build our levels of qualification through experience. The POM Group has developed highly successful and sustainable levels of experience and professionalism, protecting public and private school systems, banking and financial institutions, luxury living, corporate, retail, industrial, and our most precious commodity, human lives.

We maintain an outstanding working relationship with local law enforcement and emergency response agencies to ensure a continuity of prevention, intervention and response. Our executive and management teams have extensive experience at the highest levels of law enforcement and executive security services. The POM Group is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Bureau.

The POM Group is committed to achieving total client satisfaction and maintaining an unsurpassed record for safety, quality, integrity and innovation. We challenge every security services employee to excel, empower them to meet the challenge, reward their achievement, and provide them with continuous opportunities for education, promotion, and personal growth.

POM Group Security and Patrol Division – Management Strategies and Supports:

  • “Safety First” in all operations
  • Select, develop and retain highly qualified employees
  • 24/7 Dispatch and Supervision
  • Assign experienced and qualified managers to each account
  • Support our employees at every level
  • Respond immediately to client needs
  • Strive to be flexible in all we do
  • Continually seek to improve quality and productivity

The POM Group hires qualified, educated staff and pays competitive salaries at, or above the national average. Most of our security staff have completed 2 or more years of college or technical school and receive ongoing site specific education, and on the job training. It is our experience that more educated guards, make better decisions. Better decisions lead to safer environments and reduced liabilities.

The POM Group offers employee benefits and support. We have found that offering benefits and support helps to increase employee longevity and sustainability, and therefore reduces the problems associated with high turnover.